Five 7 Four

Interview Process


The Interview Process

What we are looking for -- at Five 7 Four. we are dedicated to finding the ultimate professional. Three qualities that we strive to find include student mentality and the ability to learn quickly, work ethic, and an entrepreneurial mindset. These three qualities with a strong set of transferable skills create the ideal candidate. When you come in you may be asked to fill out additional information in order for us to get to know you a little better prior to the beginning of our interview process. 



Our first round interview consists of a short 10-15 minute meeting with the Hiring Manager. This is the "get to know you" phase. His goal is to legitimize your candidacy by understanding your future goals, your current skill-set and your experience in marketing.


The extended second round interview is a targeted assesment day based around the position you have applied for. The assesments consist of answering multiple hypotheticals, observing the position you applied for, as well as completing a few basic tasks included with the position. In most instances the Hiring Manager will look for a second opinion or recommendation from someone within the company to eliminate any potential bias within the hiring process.




The third round interview will be conducted on the same day as the second round. The manager will collect recommendations, any new information regarding your application, as well as confer with you again and decide whether or not an offer will be extended.