Five 7 Four

Interviewing Process


The Interview Process

Does the resume depict the ultimate dedicated professional? We’re looking for three qualities student mentality and the ability to learn quickly, work ethic, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Our Five 7 Four recruiters personally review every application submitted before creating our F7F long-list.



Once we have a long-list, our President, Mr. Khan will sit and personally meet each candidate for 15-20 minutes to legitimize their candidacy by understanding their future goals, their current skill-set and their experience in marketing. After this interview Mr. Khan will make a judgment call on suitability and create a short-list of candidates to proceed with.


We bring shortlisted candidates in for an experiential day with the company, which is a day based around the position you have applied for. This is a chance to get to know a F7F applicant properly, away from a desk: to match the right vacancy with the right person. This day is a chance for an applicant to experience what a day is like at F7F, meet the team, learn about a campaign and be able to ask questions, before the teams sends feedback to Mr. Khan.




The third round of the interview process will conclude the candidate’s experiential interview. After Mr. Khan collects recommendations and new information regarding the application he will sit with the candidate one-on-one again and ask some final questions to help determine whether or not an offer will be extended.