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Business Development Program

In order to be a Project Manager we believe you need to understand and master every aspect of a campaign. With this in mind, we have developed a training platform that teaches generations of managers the how-to from the ground up. This 5 to 8 month program allows the client the chance to witness the growth and development that our team can bring to their campaign.

There are three stages to the program:

  1. Marketing Assistant

    When someone joins the team and begins the training they will spend 2-4 weeks working as part of the marketing team. This experience allows the individual to develop skills in public speaking, customer service and acquisition, and a level of adaptability by working on multiple campaigns.

  2. Leader

    Once someone has mastered the basics of the marketing assistant, he or she will learn how to teach and train those same basics back. The concept of ground up learning is to ensure that as knowledge is acquired and taught back it is not diluted. The following are areas of training that the leader will be receiving:

    • Interviewing

    • Public speaking

    • Team management

    • Training new hires

    • Social media and digital branding

    • Expanding ‘footprints’ for a brand

    • Professional networking

  3. Business Developer
    As a Business Developer, this person shadows a Project Manager and learns the day to day of Project Management, whilst overseeing and coaching the Leaders. During this part of the program the Business Developer will focus on learning:

    • Marketing Strategy and building a narrative arc for a campaign

    • HR

    • Legal

    • Finance

    • Compliance

    • Client meetings / presentations

    • Budget negotiation

After completing all stages of the training the individual will lead a campaign, making them the Project Manager. This progression ensures that the client’s campaign will be managed by a quantifiable Project Manager.

The Project Manager is someone who is: 

 Competitive. Individuals with a background in sports and other competitive industries: These are the individuals who will stop at nothing to win.

 Extroverted. Someone with a passion for people.Comfortable talking with anyone, from Executives in a boardroom to the general public at a trade show

 Creative. Someone who can work in a collaborative, millennial environment.

 Versatile. This is essential as we work in a variety of industries (telecommunication | entertainment | charity | sports). Someone who is able to embody and enhance any brand.

 Disciplined. We believe a winning culture which stems from self-discipline. If it doesn’t enhance the brand, don’t do it. If it doesn’t add value, don’t do it.

Client Inquiries

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