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Accelerate Customer Acquisition with Five 7 Four's Top 5 Tips

Sales and marketing firm, Five 7 Four, is continuously striving to improve their clients’ customer acquisition. In light of their recent growth, the Illinois-based company has revealed their top tips for accelerating customer acquisition.


Marketing revolves around increasing brand awareness, building credibility and acquiring leads which will ultimately result in a person using or purchasing the product or service. Acquiring customers can sometimes be difficult, and Five 7 Four acknowledge the challenges presented by this task, which is why they create solid customer acquisition strategies, to avoid losing out to competitors. The independent consulting firm does this by dedicating their time to innovating marketing strategies, finding opportunities for growth for their diverse client base. 

Managing Director, Rizi Khan, believes implementing the following five tips will create an increase in any company’s customer acquisition rate.

1. Forum marketing

Scouring online forums for potential customers who are likely to benefit from the product is a fantastic way of addressing the target audience without seeming too invasive. Using online forums to inform people of the existence of the product or service can be effective. However, it is important to bare in mind just plugging the product or service will only serve to irritate people, marketers’ should try to genuinely help them instead. 

2. Focused content marketing

To drive sales, this technique requires slightly more work than the usual content marketing. It is crucial to identify the potential audience and get inside their heads, understanding their problems, before informing them how the product or service can solve these problems. Pointing out why this particular item is better than any competitors by providing varied marketed content in the form of images, videos, interactive infographics and blog posts will also increase sales. 

3. Be helpful

Internet users are tired of being told to buy things! Alternatively, take the ‘helpful’ approach, educating customers instead of selling to them. Establishing trust among people makes it far easier to convert them into paying customers. Offering free trials can do wonders for convincing leads who are on the fence about using your service. 

4. Focus on long tail keywords

SEO is imperative to customer acquisition, and while there is lots of content available online detailing this, not all marketers understand the importance. Long tail keywords which are highly specific multi-word phrases relevant to the product or service play an important role in gaining new customers. These kinds of words rank higher than generic keywords, so when a person types such phrases into search engines, they must know such an item exists and therefore have entered into the ‘buyer’s journey.’

5. Incentivise referrals

Last but not least is the easiest and quickest way to acquire more customers: incentivised referrals. Offering current customers certain benefits for encouraging others to use the service is a brilliant way of getting more people onboard while using very little effort. One way of doing this is by offering monetary benefits to existing customers if they can entice those around them to come aboard!


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Maximize the 1440 Minutes of Your Day Using Five 7 Four's Time Hacks

Achieving maximum productivity is the secret to success claims Five 7 Four The direct sales and marketing specialists argue that mastering the art of time managing and maximizing the 1440 minutes of every day is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.


It is easy to hide behind the “lack of time” excuse, as families grow and careers progress, often some of the smaller details fall by the wayside. Five 7 Four, a successful brand management firm, work with many independent contractors, all with different personal commitments, they are keen to get people to understand that everyone has the same amount of time, it is how that time it is used that will determine success.

Five 7 Four shares their top four time hacks, to ensure everyone can maximize their 1440 minutes a day:

  1. Time tracking – To streamline time management it is first vital to understand exactly how the average day pans out. By writing down timings for every activity for an entire week, it will identify areas where time can be saved and put to good use. It is important to streamline processes that aren’t adding great value, that won’t create a disadvantage if done ahead of time. For example; free up time to exercise by batch cooking meals ahead of time and freezing them.

  2. Interim time is learning time – By using times where physical work can’t take place to learn through audio books or podcasts linked to personal development will offer additional knowledge and understanding for future projects. This freed up time will add value to personal brands and will over time open up new opportunities.

  3. Is it worth your time? Understanding the numerical value of personal time will go a long way to maximizing earning potential. A simple sum of total pay divided by days and then hours will offer a per hour figure. It is important to balance tasks versus time value to gather extra minutes; where time can be more valuable in the long-term. Outsourcing for developing entrepreneurs should be considered even in the early days.

  4. Only work on IGTs – IGTs are income generating tasks, and this term originates in Rob Moore’s bestseller ‘Life Leverage’. The book highlights the point through a golfer’s career. Highlighting the golfer takes 40% of his shots with only 7% of his clubs, therefore by mastering the 7% clubs, he will see a rise in his output immediately and secure more wins. By focusing on IGT’s entrepreneurs will add value to their day and reduce time wastage.



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A Week in the Life of Five 7 Four

Marketing specialists, Five 7 Four, has revealed what a typical week consists of for the firm, explaining their strategic motivational routines to show potential candidates what they can learn from the business.  

Sales is a vast and varied industry, with every company functioning differently and with their own different approach to business. As an industry which varies considerably from week to week, Five 7 Four are offering their contractors a reliable structure by providing daily meetings and workshops. In a bid to encourage personal development and growth, the company wholeheartedly believe in the importance of transparency within a workforce. Now, the firm has revealed what one of their recent weeks looks like from a learning perspective…

Monday: The company started the week by highlighting the importance of goal setting, and how their workforce can set realistic, achievable goals, applicable to their daily tasks. Emphasis was made on the difference between those who do and don’t implement a plan to their everyday work life and the benefits of planning.

Tuesday: President Rizi Khan began the day by providing his workforce with a motivational meeting. He provided an insight into his own life, speculating what his life could have looked like if he had stayed in his previous role as a lawyer, and comparing it to what it looks like now, as a successful business owner.

Wednesday: In this midweek workshop inspiration was taken from Steve Jobs, with snippets taken from the biography of the famous entrepreneur and industrial magnate. The objective of this meeting was to take inspiration from successful business owners outside of their own industry, contemplating their innovative business acumen and how it can be applied to their own personal development.

Thursday: The firm outlined why it is important for professionals to take control of their own futures in Thursday’s seminar, which was introduced as ‘The Employee vs. Entrepreneur Mind-Set.’

Friday: Ending the week on a light-hearted note, the last workshop of the week saw attendees consider the question: Why Do Penguins Live in the Most Inhospitable Climate in the World? The objective here was to show the difference between surviving and thriving in difficult situations.

Five 7 Four are looking to expand and hope that by providing this insight and ongoing support to their workforce they will attract exciting new top talent who are looking to learn and grow alongside them.

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Navigate the Road to Success by Maintaining a Positive Attitude Claims Five 7 Four

Indiana-Based, marketing specialists, Five 7 Four argue that successful navigation of the path of success comes down to maintaining a positive attitude.


Five 7 Four are committed to developing young entrepreneurs in the local community. The firm sets aside time in their week to conduct voluntary workshops centred around personal development. One area of focus is to develop awareness of attitude, including safeguarding and maintaining a positive approach in business. A positive approach has been linked scientifically to increased productivity and higher success rate. Five 7 Four share their top tips on how to improve positive thoughts:

Use the phrase, “Yes, and?” By replacing the word ‘but’ with ‘yes, and’ it can lead to a more constructive and positive approach to a conversation. In business, this positivity will ensure business relationships are heightened. 

Reflect on the good and bad. End of day evaluations is an excellent way to improve productivity tomorrow. By establishing one sad part of the day and three positives, it creates an overall picture of success. In each day, there are always things to be grateful for, and it is important to acknowledge these.

Work toward a higher goal. It is vital for morale to revisit the purpose behind menial tasks, this refreshed vision helps keep on track when projects may seem less important. Effectively working as part of a team will require sharing the workloads during busier periods, it is important to be grateful for opportunities to showcase skills and improve the personal brands in the business.

Use The Five Minute Journal. Entrepreneurs can benefit from completing a five-minute journal, by writing down part of the day that has gone well or things to be grateful for can offer an increased feeling of wellbeing.

Don’t complain. By focusing on solutions as opposed to the problem, positivity becomes easier and a more natural process. Five 7 Four recommend trying a no complaining rule for 48 hours and see how the day goes.



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Achieve Your Goals by Using Five 7 Four's Momentum Hacks

Five 7 Four believe that momentum is one of the most vital components for success. The South Bend-based marketing specialists have shared their momentum hacks to help people achieve their goals. 

When working towards long-term goals, it is vital not to overlook the importance of gathering momentum.  Achieving milestone goals are an effective way to build confidence and boost productivity.  Five 7 Four reveal their top tips to gather pace when working on long-term goals:

  1. Set powerful goals. Goals provide focus.  By offering direction for an action plan, it can provide motivation to seize personal development opportunities and boost productivity.  Vision boards are a great way to gather multiple goals into one place, well-decorated boards serve as a motivator during periods of low morale.

  2. Get (and stay) motivated. Sacrifices will need to be made to achieve highest levels in any industry.  By making the decision to expect obstacles and understand they are designed to offer learning opportunities

  3. Get inspired. Find a mentor to provide guidance.  Look for a figure who is embracing earning opportunities even at the peak of their career.  Watching and supporting a person through advancement is a natural way to achieve an inspirational fuel.

  4. Learn good habits. Life can be difficult enough, and bad habits can make the journey to success less enjoyable and sometimes impossible.  Being firm with practices is a must, it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle according to behavioural scientists.

  5. Commit to improving yourself. This could be exercising for 20 minutes, meditating, watching a TED Talk or podcast.  Make time each day to focus on personal development; those micro-achievements will over time create a leap towards the big goals.

  6. Act brave.  Those actions that are frightening are the ones who will bridge the gap between average and awesome.  Sometimes people win, sometimes they learn, both offer benefit so realistically there is nothing to lose.  Be brave, speak up, try the idea and build confidence and enhance a personal brand.


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