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Five 7 Four's Top 3 Tips for Generating Self Belief


The sales and marketing specialists have shared their top tips for any ambitious entrepreneur looking to boost their self-confidence and program their mind for relentless persistence.

Based in South Bend, IN, Khannect Inc. is an outsourced marketing firm who regularly hold development training in house to encourage and motivate their team of contractors. This week, they have been discussing the three best ways to generate self-belief…

1) Learn to Take the Punches

Train yourself to handle any blows that might come your way. Any successful entrepreneur is in the position they are in because they have developed an unshakable self-belief. Rather than being labelled a “wannapreneur” and quitting after the first hurdle, be an entrepreneur who successfully builds a business that lasts!

2) Mirror the Success of Others

Many of the greatest entrepreneurs encourage beginners to find success and mimic it. This can be done by simply reading or watching a TED talk or documentary about innovative CEOs, or working with a mentor personally.

Having a mentor is a particularly great way of learning how to replicate success as the individual can personally walk you through challenges. Find someone who has seen it all and mimic their self-belief.

3) Rewire for Real Success

The biggest difference between those who fail in business and those who succeed is their mindset. It is vital for you to love what you do and the best way to do this is to learn all about your craft, or your industry. Write down your goals every single day. Continue to practice what you preach and soon you will feel equipped for real success. This method will help rewire your brain’s pathways from low self-confidence into an unshakable belief system.

Rizi Khan, President of the firm, believes these three tips are the best strategies for anyone struggling to believe in themselves and put their entrepreneurial dream into effect. He hopes after sharing these tips; many ambitious professionals will feel regenerated and ready to take on their chosen industry.



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