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Five 7 Four Study the Results of Survey Completed by 500 Prolific CEOs


Five 7 Four have spent this week studying and discussing the results of a survey by Inc. 500 founders and executives who reveal their biggest policy priorities and what it is that keeps their companies growing” with their workforce.

Five 7 Four recently asked the fastest growing and private company CEOs in the USA to complete a survey asking them a range of questions from President Donald Trump’s policy initiatives to how to deal with fast company growth.  The data produced by the study showed that 77% thought cutting business taxes was a key policy action they wanted the Trump administration to focus on; making it by far, the most popular policy goal of Inc. 500 CEO’s.  And 49% surveyed expressed hope that President Trump would foster the influx of talented immigrants. With the state of Florida populated mostly by migrants, Miami based, sales and marketing firm, Five 7 Four will be keeping abreast of the changes being made to migration laws.

54% of surveyed respondents said that managing fast growth was the biggest challenge facing their company. Five 7 Four  can appreciate that rapid business growth needs to be managed correctly, but find it difficult to comprehend that over half of respondents see it as the biggest challenge.  For Five 7 Four, fast growth is welcomed with open arms! After recently expanding from Miami to Chicago, at present, the independent consulting firm is currently looking to expand into ten new locations in Chicago before grasping a national reach by expanding to all the great cities across the USA. For the long term, Five 7 Four want to establish themselves in the international markets; the goal being, by 2020, Five 7 Four is conducting business activities in Dubai, India, China, and Japan.

Five 7 Four's President, Rizi Khan both embraces and welcomes rapid company growth.  As an ambitious entrepreneur, Rizi Khan wants his business to dominate the East Coast and be known as the biggest force to be reckoned with in the sales and marketing industry, within their region.  Also, Rizi Khan believes it is important to take note of what other business owners and members of the industry think of the current industry and US market so they can make informed decisions of how to expand successfully.




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