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Five 7 Four: Why Brands Need to Transform their Marketing for Generation Z


Sales and marketing specialists Five 7 Four have been discussing the demands of the tech-savvy teens and young adults that make up Generation Z.

Having grown up in a digital world, young people of today are well aware of their worth to brands, the eldest of the bunch now turning 22 and entering the workplace, while the youngest are already influencing annual spend through their parents. For this reason, Five 7 Four have been highlighting the importance of deliberating the crucial question: “How can we create a brand that resonates with this young audience?”

This week, the company have been busy studying a new report based on 2017 research, exploring the typical behaviors demonstrated by Generation Z:

Personal Data Protectors 

As a group of individuals, Generation Z update their social channels more often than most, making them inherently savvy when it comes to protecting their personal data. This has been backed up by evidence from recent research, which reported three in four of the respondents only allow location services to be switched on when using apps that require it to function and only 18% are happy to share their location with even their favorite brands. Something for marketers to bear in mind.

Multichannel masters  

Having been born and raised on touchscreens and YouTube, Gen Z does not know a world without the internet. This means they are acutely aware of how high in demand their attention is from companies in every industry. Furthermore, while many people consider Gen Z a group that exist purely online, in reality, they utilize a far more balanced measure of online and offline channels. Five 7 Four discovered “more than half of those surveyed would prefer to manage private or sensitive information (such as banking) in store or over the phone; most would use a third-party website for product research, and more would prefer to submit a complaint online than in person”. It seems that overall Gen Z accepts the fact they will see brand adverts on their social channels, but their receptivity to these ads will vary depending on the channel.

Video is still king

According to the study, 52% of respondents spend at least one hour a day on YouTube and consider good video content the best form of advertising. In light of these findings, Five 7 Four have been asking their workforce what makes a video ‘good’? According to Gen Z, being informative and attention grabbing are the two most important factors of any online content, so if marketers bear these in mind, they shouldn’t go far wrong.

While it may still be early days, the firm believes understanding the behaviors and preferences of Generation Z is something all businesses must make a priority as their unprecedented population and spending power will determine consumer patterns over the next 15 years. Five 7 Four urges companies to get to know more about Gen Z if they want Gen Z to get to know their brand.



Vannessa A