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Five 7 Four: A Lesson in the Power of Authenticity


The sales and marketing specialist has been discussing the benefits of being 100% authentic in the workplace and why it is important for individuals to embrace their true self.

The Chicago based firm has recently been focusing on the positive effects of maintaining authenticity in the workplace. During a team workshop, Five 7 Four explained how authentic behavior helps create genuine human connections and is deeply satisfying for everyone involved as being honest and open reinforces self-identities and a sense of belongingness.

To ensure the entire workforce understood how to be their most authentic self, the company outlined its top 3 tips in a recent meeting:

  1. Be where you belong

There is nothing worse than feeling out of place so making sure individuals are the right fit for the job, and the company is an essential element in establishing brand authenticity, said Five 7 Four  This is why the firm asks its recruits to take part in an observation day before joining the firm, as it is important for both parties to make sure the role speaks to the talents and passions of the individual before agreeing to join the company. In addition to this, the sales and marketing collective often encourage other business owners to regularly check in with their workforce and ask if they are feeling overwhelmed or confused. “If you’ve built good, honest and open relationships with them, they will tell you,” says a spokesperson for the firm.

2. Be entirely true to yourself 

“Being authentic means bringing your true self to light every single day” states Five 7 Four   Truth builds trust and trust builds bonds. Staying true to oneself can help people accomplish more, and in turn, company objectives will have much more impact. Remaining true to ourselves can also be seen as giving ourselves the gift of self-expression which reaffirms our identity.

3. Conduct yourself authentically 

Opposite connotations of being authentic are to be disingenuous, untrustworthy and fake. Creating an environment where this kind of behavior is the norm is unhealthy, and relationships will be tense and short lived. When an individual interacts with someone genuine and honest, it can feel almost energizing and is beneficial to everyone involved as they are 100% transparent.



Vannessa A