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Achieve Your Goals by Using Five 7 Four's Momentum Hacks


Five 7 Four believe that momentum is one of the most vital components for success. The South Bend-based marketing specialists have shared their momentum hacks to help people achieve their goals. 

When working towards long-term goals, it is vital not to overlook the importance of gathering momentum.  Achieving milestone goals are an effective way to build confidence and boost productivity.  Five 7 Four reveal their top tips to gather pace when working on long-term goals:

  1. Set powerful goals. Goals provide focus.  By offering direction for an action plan, it can provide motivation to seize personal development opportunities and boost productivity.  Vision boards are a great way to gather multiple goals into one place, well-decorated boards serve as a motivator during periods of low morale.

  2. Get (and stay) motivated. Sacrifices will need to be made to achieve highest levels in any industry.  By making the decision to expect obstacles and understand they are designed to offer learning opportunities

  3. Get inspired. Find a mentor to provide guidance.  Look for a figure who is embracing earning opportunities even at the peak of their career.  Watching and supporting a person through advancement is a natural way to achieve an inspirational fuel.

  4. Learn good habits. Life can be difficult enough, and bad habits can make the journey to success less enjoyable and sometimes impossible.  Being firm with practices is a must, it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle according to behavioural scientists.

  5. Commit to improving yourself. This could be exercising for 20 minutes, meditating, watching a TED Talk or podcast.  Make time each day to focus on personal development; those micro-achievements will over time create a leap towards the big goals.

  6. Act brave.  Those actions that are frightening are the ones who will bridge the gap between average and awesome.  Sometimes people win, sometimes they learn, both offer benefit so realistically there is nothing to lose.  Be brave, speak up, try the idea and build confidence and enhance a personal brand.


Vannessa A