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Five 7 Four Investigates How Yesterday's Troublemakers Are Becoming Today's Game Changers


In light of new research published by The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Sales and Marketing firm Five 7 Four. has been looking into how individuals who displayed troublesome, disruptive behaviour early in life are now finding success in entrepreneurship.  

Last week, a study published by The Quarterly Journal of Economics caught the eye of Indiana-based marketing firm Five 7 Four. The study investigated whether people with a tendency for rule breaking and risk taking in early life had a greater shot at success in entrepreneurship than those who took a more restrained approach in their formative years. The research collaborated several detailed data sources, which identified participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and assessed them through questions relating to illicit activity during their youth, such as skipping school and breaking the rules. The research found that individuals who are thriving as entrepreneurs today were twice as likely to have displayed troublesome behaviour in their youth.

Five 7 Four was fascinated by the results of the study and believe that the research not only highlights some critical attributes that drive entrepreneurial success but also addresses how success in later life doesn’t rely on exceptional academic performance during youth. ‘This research shows that everyone can achieve success if they fully commit, and channel their natural abilities, the key here is to find your passion and not let your past dictate your future, you can change your life’ stated Five 7 Four.

Five 7 Four believe that the core reason these individuals are so successful as entrepreneurs is due to their innate skills and attitudes towards risk. People who may not necessarily perform well academically and are prone to risk taking have been found to be highly creative thinkers and strong communicators – skills which are integral to entrepreneurship. The troublemaking behaviours in early life are strong indicators of boredom with the status quo and a desire to create something new, which makes them driven and committed game changers later in life.

Five 7 Four is keen to outline however that this doesn’t mean academically talented people don’t make great entrepreneurs, they believe the study instead, highlights how entrepreneurship is levelling the playing field and helping people from all backgrounds follow their passions and create their success. ‘We work with aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and believe that entrepreneurship doesn’t judge. As long as someone has the ambition, we know they will go far.’

Vannessa A