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Five 7 Four Hosts Motivational Workshop


Marketing professionals, Five 7 Four recently hosted an insightful and motivational workshop, covering the 5 steps to an effective sales conversation, for their contractors.

Five 7 Four regularly hosts motivational workshops and believes this is important to aid the development and success of their contractors. The firm is confident that by helping their team to upskill and improve basic techniques they will achieve more success as a collective.

In their most recent workshop, the firm covered the 5 steps to an effective sales conversation. The firm believes that, as sales specialists, they must master the basics and this means learning how to have an effective conversation with a purpose. Additionally, as Five 7 Four specialize in face-to-face sales it is vital for them to be able to hold a conversation and personalize this to each consumer’s situation.

Here, Five 7 Four reveals the 5 steps to an effective sales conversation:

Step One: Purpose
Khannect Inc. believes that it is important to establish the purpose of the conversation and what the goal and desired outcome are, for both the business and the consumer.

Step Two: Research
It is important to find out what the consumer needs and to have a good knowledge on what the company offers that will suit these needs, highlights Khannect Inc.

Step Three: Question
People like to hear themselves talk, so they should be given the opportunity to do so, reveals Five 7 Four The firm believes in asking open-minded questions that get the consumer to talk and helps the salesperson find out what it is they are looking for. This information will help lead to the end goal as spoken about in step one.

Step Four: Listen
“It is no good asking all the right questions if you don’t listen to the answer,” outlined a spokesperson for Five 7 Four. The firm highlights how it is important to care for, value, and respect the consumer by being an active listener. This will help lead the salesperson to the ideal outcome for both consumer and business.

Step Five: Ask
A “talk” becomes a sales conversation when this final step is applied. Every interaction should end with an “ask” that helps to move the ball forward and close the sale, recommends Khannect Inc.

Five 7 Four offers a unique business development opportunity which allows their contractors to develop and upskill in critical business areas such as sales, marketing, leadership, finance, public speaking, management, and more. The firm believes that this is important as it helps every individual to meet both their personal and professional goals, and helps the business expand as a whole.

Vannessa A