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Five 7 Four Host Global Seminar on Maintaining a Positive Mentality


With entrepreneur development in the fundamental values of Five 7 Four, the firm was inspired to touch on the failures many famous people had to face before they achieved success.


In business one of the main contributing factors in achieving success is being able to maintain a positive mentality in the face of failure. Five 7 Four looked to highlight the struggles of famous success stories to offer insight into the journeys which many are keen to rush to achieve success. With many great examples, the firm took the opportunity to share the testing journeys of some of the best known successful people in history. Being in business can be difficult, challenging and tiresome, and it takes patience, courage and a great attitude to come out on top. Throughout the seminar, the firm were keen to exploit the biggest challenges that would have had most people quit, but instead they battled on to find success and live their dreams:

Five 7 Four share their top examples of how a positive attitude will go a long way towards achieving success:

Walt Disney – Famous for being a pioneer in animation and children’s cartoons, Walt did not have an easy route to success. His first job at Kansas City Star ended in him being fired for lack of imagination and good ideas. His first Mickey Mouse drawings were rejected for being scary for women. Laugh-O-Gram, ended in bankruptcy for Walt, but despite around 302 turn downs he kept fighting and achieved financing for Walt Disney Company; And the rest is history.

Michael Jordan – One of the most famous basketball players in the world, struggled to make a start on his career as a basketball player. No coach would give him the time of day as he was short. Regardless of this, he continued to train, developing the skills he would need to prove his desire to play. After being rejected from his varsity team, he used his disappointment as fuel to prove everyone wrong; he has always said this passion for succeeding contributed to his success.

Rizi Khan, president of Five 7 Four is keen for the firm’s independent contractors to continually develop, he is confident that a lesson is attained in the face of every failure. By maintaining a positive mindset individuals can accelerate their development through failure with new skills being achieved, the experience will create a well-rounded entrepreneur ready to embark on their journey to success.



Vannessa A