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Five 7 Four: Make the Most of Your Commute These Self-Development Podcasts


The most successful people can maximize the 1440 minutes of every day. Therefore, Five 7 Four has uncovered useful ways to use your commute to develop yourself with these podcasts.

There are many ways of learning and developing skills, from books, blogs, newspapers and much more. However, sales and marketing firm, Five 7 Four, amongst other industry leaders, have turned to podcasts for this knowledge. Studies conducted by revealed that 21% of adults have listened to a podcast within the last month. The communication tool is growing, and Five 7 Four are stating that it is time people started using it as much as possible.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and easier to create. With this, there has been a drastic rise in podcasts available on platforms such as iTunes making it difficult to know which ones are the best. For existing and future entrepreneurs and business owners, Five 7 Four has compiled a list as to which the best podcasts are for development.

  1. ‘Mixergy: Startup Stories.’

A podcast created and hosted by Andrew Warner, a 20-year-old entrepreneur who managed to make a $30Million+ sales business. The podcasts are structured as six interviews, released to create a ‘how-to guide’ for starting a business. Each release delving deeper into the world of business and topics of product development, sales and customer acquisition.

     2.  ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’

John Lee Dumas, a leading American entrepreneur, hosts a podcast 7 days a week during which he interviews exciting entrepreneurs. This results in a new topic, and incredible stories to inspire people to take action on their ideas. ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ is an award winning podcast that is recommended by industry experts.

     3.   ‘The School of Greatness’

Hosted by New York Times bestselling author, Lewis Howes, this podcast will inspire and motivate anyone that is looking to either break into the world of business and those who have already established a business but have lost motivation. The podcast consists of interviews that discuss topics to inspire, and is quoted to be ‘a podcast that never disappoints.’

    4.   ‘The Growth Show.’

For those who are established and whose business is booming this podcast, hosted by HubSpot, provides advice for those looking to grow and expand. The podcast features guests who have managed to increase their businesses and are sharing their experiences and tips on how others should go about doing so.

Managing Director, Rizi Khan, explains, “Everyone in the world of business has a busy schedule, but using your commuting time to listen to these podcasts will aid your learning and development. Use your time wisely.” Marketing firm Five 7 Four, are strong believers in making the most of every minute of every day, and explain that podcasts are a tool they find effective for learning and development purposes.





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