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Five 7 Four Host Workshop on the Power of "Why"


Indiana-Based marketing firm, Five 7 Four, hosted a company-wide workshop, inviting their staff and contractors to think about their “why” before explaining the reasons behind its importance. 

When setting goals, there must be a strong reason ‘why’ to give the target a meaning and a purpose. A strong ‘why’ is what will keep someone motivated when the going gets tough, and it will be the reason why a person succeeds when another person fails. Having a clearly defined ‘why’ is crucial for long-term success because most people fail to achieve their goals when their ‘why’ was too superficial or they didn’t ask enough ‘why’s’ to justify it in the first place and to keep them pushing forward during the hard times.

A person’s ‘why’ can be their best motivator; it is the nonexistent strategy and reason to keep going when everyone and everything around them is telling them to quit.  To other people, an individual’s ‘why’ may sound crazy, but the only thing that matters is that to them, it makes sense. Whatever it may be, the ‘why’ is the strongest thing to push someone through the noise and past the challenge of wanting to give up.

Five 7 Four hosted a company-wide workshop for their staff and contractors, to think about their ‘why’ before setting new goals for 2017. This workshops had great significance in the run-up to the New Year with many people setting resolutions that they will fail to follow through on because they have not put enough thought into why they are making it.

The company coach and mentor individuals to success through regular workshops and seminars. This most recent workshop has been particularly significant as 2016 draws to a close.  Five 7 Four have big company goals for the future, and the workshop was an ideal opportunity to get everyone focussed on the bigger picture of ‘why’ and raring to go when the New Year comes.



Vannessa A