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Master Your Next Acquisitions Conversation With Five 7 Four's Top Tips


Marketing experts Five 7 Four have shared their top tips for mastering a sales conversation and closing every deal.  

Indiana-based Five 7 Four, is an established sales and marketing firm who have built their success on their ability to communicate brand visions through engaging face to face marketing campaigns. The company is confident their ability to develop their contractors as effective communicators has facilitated their accelerated success in acquiring new clients and business growth.

Five 7 Four share their top tips on how to improve your sales conversations overnight:

  1. Establish a protocol – A clear agenda of what needs to be addressed and achieved throughout the call will offer direction and will allow the conversation to flow and keep on task. Ensure the other party knows if they need any prep for the meeting or call and ensure they receive all information they need in advance to be prepared. Ensure a plan is mapped out for when, how, where and why and ensure these are understood clearly by both parties. Set up meeting reminders to keep track on times.

  2. Establish yourself as an expert – Be an asset to the deal, offer insider expertise and examples of personal experiences where value has been added from personal knowledge. It is important to understand their position in the process, what are they looking to achieve, are there any demonstrations that can be used to offer visualisation of life post-sale? Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers as they will provide indicators to where solutions can enhance sales opportunities.

  3. Take charge – Lead all conversations, the other party will take comfort in personal confidence, and this will offer additional validation to any personal recommendations or facts given. Ensure follow up questions are asked to demonstrate listening and commitment to finding the best solution for their individual circumstances.

  4. Hold space – It is important to make each and every customer feel valued and important. Take time to listen to their situation and reference them individually when offering solutions from saleable solutions.

  5. Do not solve their problems – Sales calls are not there to solve problems, they are there to establish if there is a need for any products or services that are saleable. It is important to sell to people who match the criteria of the goods or services to establish a happy, long-lasting consumer base that will work as positive product references for the brand.

Five 7 Four offers a unique business development opportunity which allows their contractors to develop and upskill in critical business areas such as sales, marketing, and communication. The firm is confident this is important as it helps every individual to meet both their personal and professional goals and helps the business expand.



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