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Accelerate Customer Acquisition with Five 7 Four's Top 5 Tips


Sales and marketing firm, Five 7 Four, is continuously striving to improve their clients’ customer acquisition. In light of their recent growth, the Illinois-based company has revealed their top tips for accelerating customer acquisition.


Marketing revolves around increasing brand awareness, building credibility and acquiring leads which will ultimately result in a person using or purchasing the product or service. Acquiring customers can sometimes be difficult, and Five 7 Four acknowledge the challenges presented by this task, which is why they create solid customer acquisition strategies, to avoid losing out to competitors. The independent consulting firm does this by dedicating their time to innovating marketing strategies, finding opportunities for growth for their diverse client base. 

Managing Director, Rizi Khan, believes implementing the following five tips will create an increase in any company’s customer acquisition rate.

1. Forum marketing

Scouring online forums for potential customers who are likely to benefit from the product is a fantastic way of addressing the target audience without seeming too invasive. Using online forums to inform people of the existence of the product or service can be effective. However, it is important to bare in mind just plugging the product or service will only serve to irritate people, marketers’ should try to genuinely help them instead. 

2. Focused content marketing

To drive sales, this technique requires slightly more work than the usual content marketing. It is crucial to identify the potential audience and get inside their heads, understanding their problems, before informing them how the product or service can solve these problems. Pointing out why this particular item is better than any competitors by providing varied marketed content in the form of images, videos, interactive infographics and blog posts will also increase sales. 

3. Be helpful

Internet users are tired of being told to buy things! Alternatively, take the ‘helpful’ approach, educating customers instead of selling to them. Establishing trust among people makes it far easier to convert them into paying customers. Offering free trials can do wonders for convincing leads who are on the fence about using your service. 

4. Focus on long tail keywords

SEO is imperative to customer acquisition, and while there is lots of content available online detailing this, not all marketers understand the importance. Long tail keywords which are highly specific multi-word phrases relevant to the product or service play an important role in gaining new customers. These kinds of words rank higher than generic keywords, so when a person types such phrases into search engines, they must know such an item exists and therefore have entered into the ‘buyer’s journey.’

5. Incentivise referrals

Last but not least is the easiest and quickest way to acquire more customers: incentivised referrals. Offering current customers certain benefits for encouraging others to use the service is a brilliant way of getting more people onboard while using very little effort. One way of doing this is by offering monetary benefits to existing customers if they can entice those around them to come aboard!


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