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Navigate the Road to Success by Maintaining a Positive Attitude Claims Five 7 Four


Indiana-Based, marketing specialists, Five 7 Four argue that successful navigation of the path of success comes down to maintaining a positive attitude.


Five 7 Four are committed to developing young entrepreneurs in the local community. The firm sets aside time in their week to conduct voluntary workshops centred around personal development. One area of focus is to develop awareness of attitude, including safeguarding and maintaining a positive approach in business. A positive approach has been linked scientifically to increased productivity and higher success rate. Five 7 Four share their top tips on how to improve positive thoughts:

Use the phrase, “Yes, and?” By replacing the word ‘but’ with ‘yes, and’ it can lead to a more constructive and positive approach to a conversation. In business, this positivity will ensure business relationships are heightened. 

Reflect on the good and bad. End of day evaluations is an excellent way to improve productivity tomorrow. By establishing one sad part of the day and three positives, it creates an overall picture of success. In each day, there are always things to be grateful for, and it is important to acknowledge these.

Work toward a higher goal. It is vital for morale to revisit the purpose behind menial tasks, this refreshed vision helps keep on track when projects may seem less important. Effectively working as part of a team will require sharing the workloads during busier periods, it is important to be grateful for opportunities to showcase skills and improve the personal brands in the business.

Use The Five Minute Journal. Entrepreneurs can benefit from completing a five-minute journal, by writing down part of the day that has gone well or things to be grateful for can offer an increased feeling of wellbeing.

Don’t complain. By focusing on solutions as opposed to the problem, positivity becomes easier and a more natural process. Five 7 Four recommend trying a no complaining rule for 48 hours and see how the day goes.



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