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Maximize the 1440 Minutes of Your Day Using Five 7 Four's Time Hacks


Achieving maximum productivity is the secret to success claims Five 7 Four The direct sales and marketing specialists argue that mastering the art of time managing and maximizing the 1440 minutes of every day is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.


It is easy to hide behind the “lack of time” excuse, as families grow and careers progress, often some of the smaller details fall by the wayside. Five 7 Four, a successful brand management firm, work with many independent contractors, all with different personal commitments, they are keen to get people to understand that everyone has the same amount of time, it is how that time it is used that will determine success.

Five 7 Four shares their top four time hacks, to ensure everyone can maximize their 1440 minutes a day:

  1. Time tracking – To streamline time management it is first vital to understand exactly how the average day pans out. By writing down timings for every activity for an entire week, it will identify areas where time can be saved and put to good use. It is important to streamline processes that aren’t adding great value, that won’t create a disadvantage if done ahead of time. For example; free up time to exercise by batch cooking meals ahead of time and freezing them.

  2. Interim time is learning time – By using times where physical work can’t take place to learn through audio books or podcasts linked to personal development will offer additional knowledge and understanding for future projects. This freed up time will add value to personal brands and will over time open up new opportunities.

  3. Is it worth your time? Understanding the numerical value of personal time will go a long way to maximizing earning potential. A simple sum of total pay divided by days and then hours will offer a per hour figure. It is important to balance tasks versus time value to gather extra minutes; where time can be more valuable in the long-term. Outsourcing for developing entrepreneurs should be considered even in the early days.

  4. Only work on IGTs – IGTs are income generating tasks, and this term originates in Rob Moore’s bestseller ‘Life Leverage’. The book highlights the point through a golfer’s career. Highlighting the golfer takes 40% of his shots with only 7% of his clubs, therefore by mastering the 7% clubs, he will see a rise in his output immediately and secure more wins. By focusing on IGT’s entrepreneurs will add value to their day and reduce time wastage.



Vannessa A