Five 7 Four


A Week in the Life of Five 7 Four


Marketing specialists, Five 7 Four, has revealed what a typical week consists of for the firm, explaining their strategic motivational routines to show potential candidates what they can learn from the business.  

Sales is a vast and varied industry, with every company functioning differently and with their own different approach to business. As an industry which varies considerably from week to week, Five 7 Four are offering their contractors a reliable structure by providing daily meetings and workshops. In a bid to encourage personal development and growth, the company wholeheartedly believe in the importance of transparency within a workforce. Now, the firm has revealed what one of their recent weeks looks like from a learning perspective…

Monday: The company started the week by highlighting the importance of goal setting, and how their workforce can set realistic, achievable goals, applicable to their daily tasks. Emphasis was made on the difference between those who do and don’t implement a plan to their everyday work life and the benefits of planning.

Tuesday: President Rizi Khan began the day by providing his workforce with a motivational meeting. He provided an insight into his own life, speculating what his life could have looked like if he had stayed in his previous role as a lawyer, and comparing it to what it looks like now, as a successful business owner.

Wednesday: In this midweek workshop inspiration was taken from Steve Jobs, with snippets taken from the biography of the famous entrepreneur and industrial magnate. The objective of this meeting was to take inspiration from successful business owners outside of their own industry, contemplating their innovative business acumen and how it can be applied to their own personal development.

Thursday: The firm outlined why it is important for professionals to take control of their own futures in Thursday’s seminar, which was introduced as ‘The Employee vs. Entrepreneur Mind-Set.’

Friday: Ending the week on a light-hearted note, the last workshop of the week saw attendees consider the question: Why Do Penguins Live in the Most Inhospitable Climate in the World? The objective here was to show the difference between surviving and thriving in difficult situations.

Five 7 Four are looking to expand and hope that by providing this insight and ongoing support to their workforce they will attract exciting new top talent who are looking to learn and grow alongside them.

Vannessa A