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Five 7 Four Hosts Motivational Workshop

Marketing professionals, Five 7 Four recently hosted an insightful and motivational workshop, covering the 5 steps to an effective sales conversation, for their contractors.

Five 7 Four regularly hosts motivational workshops and believes this is important to aid the development and success of their contractors. The firm is confident that by helping their team to upskill and improve basic techniques they will achieve more success as a collective.

In their most recent workshop, the firm covered the 5 steps to an effective sales conversation. The firm believes that, as sales specialists, they must master the basics and this means learning how to have an effective conversation with a purpose. Additionally, as Five 7 Four specialize in face-to-face sales it is vital for them to be able to hold a conversation and personalize this to each consumer’s situation.

Here, Five 7 Four reveals the 5 steps to an effective sales conversation:

Step One: Purpose
Khannect Inc. believes that it is important to establish the purpose of the conversation and what the goal and desired outcome are, for both the business and the consumer.

Step Two: Research
It is important to find out what the consumer needs and to have a good knowledge on what the company offers that will suit these needs, highlights Khannect Inc.

Step Three: Question
People like to hear themselves talk, so they should be given the opportunity to do so, reveals Five 7 Four The firm believes in asking open-minded questions that get the consumer to talk and helps the salesperson find out what it is they are looking for. This information will help lead to the end goal as spoken about in step one.

Step Four: Listen
“It is no good asking all the right questions if you don’t listen to the answer,” outlined a spokesperson for Five 7 Four. The firm highlights how it is important to care for, value, and respect the consumer by being an active listener. This will help lead the salesperson to the ideal outcome for both consumer and business.

Step Five: Ask
A “talk” becomes a sales conversation when this final step is applied. Every interaction should end with an “ask” that helps to move the ball forward and close the sale, recommends Khannect Inc.

Five 7 Four offers a unique business development opportunity which allows their contractors to develop and upskill in critical business areas such as sales, marketing, leadership, finance, public speaking, management, and more. The firm believes that this is important as it helps every individual to meet both their personal and professional goals, and helps the business expand as a whole.

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Five 7 Four Host Global Seminar on Maintaining a Positive Mentality

With entrepreneur development in the fundamental values of Five 7 Four, the firm was inspired to touch on the failures many famous people had to face before they achieved success.


In business one of the main contributing factors in achieving success is being able to maintain a positive mentality in the face of failure. Five 7 Four looked to highlight the struggles of famous success stories to offer insight into the journeys which many are keen to rush to achieve success. With many great examples, the firm took the opportunity to share the testing journeys of some of the best known successful people in history. Being in business can be difficult, challenging and tiresome, and it takes patience, courage and a great attitude to come out on top. Throughout the seminar, the firm were keen to exploit the biggest challenges that would have had most people quit, but instead they battled on to find success and live their dreams:

Five 7 Four share their top examples of how a positive attitude will go a long way towards achieving success:

Walt Disney – Famous for being a pioneer in animation and children’s cartoons, Walt did not have an easy route to success. His first job at Kansas City Star ended in him being fired for lack of imagination and good ideas. His first Mickey Mouse drawings were rejected for being scary for women. Laugh-O-Gram, ended in bankruptcy for Walt, but despite around 302 turn downs he kept fighting and achieved financing for Walt Disney Company; And the rest is history.

Michael Jordan – One of the most famous basketball players in the world, struggled to make a start on his career as a basketball player. No coach would give him the time of day as he was short. Regardless of this, he continued to train, developing the skills he would need to prove his desire to play. After being rejected from his varsity team, he used his disappointment as fuel to prove everyone wrong; he has always said this passion for succeeding contributed to his success.

Rizi Khan, president of Five 7 Four is keen for the firm’s independent contractors to continually develop, he is confident that a lesson is attained in the face of every failure. By maintaining a positive mindset individuals can accelerate their development through failure with new skills being achieved, the experience will create a well-rounded entrepreneur ready to embark on their journey to success.



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Five 7 Four Host Workshop on the Power of "Why"

Indiana-Based marketing firm, Five 7 Four, hosted a company-wide workshop, inviting their staff and contractors to think about their “why” before explaining the reasons behind its importance. 

When setting goals, there must be a strong reason ‘why’ to give the target a meaning and a purpose. A strong ‘why’ is what will keep someone motivated when the going gets tough, and it will be the reason why a person succeeds when another person fails. Having a clearly defined ‘why’ is crucial for long-term success because most people fail to achieve their goals when their ‘why’ was too superficial or they didn’t ask enough ‘why’s’ to justify it in the first place and to keep them pushing forward during the hard times.

A person’s ‘why’ can be their best motivator; it is the nonexistent strategy and reason to keep going when everyone and everything around them is telling them to quit.  To other people, an individual’s ‘why’ may sound crazy, but the only thing that matters is that to them, it makes sense. Whatever it may be, the ‘why’ is the strongest thing to push someone through the noise and past the challenge of wanting to give up.

Five 7 Four hosted a company-wide workshop for their staff and contractors, to think about their ‘why’ before setting new goals for 2017. This workshops had great significance in the run-up to the New Year with many people setting resolutions that they will fail to follow through on because they have not put enough thought into why they are making it.

The company coach and mentor individuals to success through regular workshops and seminars. This most recent workshop has been particularly significant as 2016 draws to a close.  Five 7 Four have big company goals for the future, and the workshop was an ideal opportunity to get everyone focussed on the bigger picture of ‘why’ and raring to go when the New Year comes.



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Five 7 Four: Make the Most of Your Commute These Self-Development Podcasts

The most successful people can maximize the 1440 minutes of every day. Therefore, Five 7 Four has uncovered useful ways to use your commute to develop yourself with these podcasts.

There are many ways of learning and developing skills, from books, blogs, newspapers and much more. However, sales and marketing firm, Five 7 Four, amongst other industry leaders, have turned to podcasts for this knowledge. Studies conducted by revealed that 21% of adults have listened to a podcast within the last month. The communication tool is growing, and Five 7 Four are stating that it is time people started using it as much as possible.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and easier to create. With this, there has been a drastic rise in podcasts available on platforms such as iTunes making it difficult to know which ones are the best. For existing and future entrepreneurs and business owners, Five 7 Four has compiled a list as to which the best podcasts are for development.

  1. ‘Mixergy: Startup Stories.’

A podcast created and hosted by Andrew Warner, a 20-year-old entrepreneur who managed to make a $30Million+ sales business. The podcasts are structured as six interviews, released to create a ‘how-to guide’ for starting a business. Each release delving deeper into the world of business and topics of product development, sales and customer acquisition.

     2.  ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’

John Lee Dumas, a leading American entrepreneur, hosts a podcast 7 days a week during which he interviews exciting entrepreneurs. This results in a new topic, and incredible stories to inspire people to take action on their ideas. ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ is an award winning podcast that is recommended by industry experts.

     3.   ‘The School of Greatness’

Hosted by New York Times bestselling author, Lewis Howes, this podcast will inspire and motivate anyone that is looking to either break into the world of business and those who have already established a business but have lost motivation. The podcast consists of interviews that discuss topics to inspire, and is quoted to be ‘a podcast that never disappoints.’

    4.   ‘The Growth Show.’

For those who are established and whose business is booming this podcast, hosted by HubSpot, provides advice for those looking to grow and expand. The podcast features guests who have managed to increase their businesses and are sharing their experiences and tips on how others should go about doing so.

Managing Director, Rizi Khan, explains, “Everyone in the world of business has a busy schedule, but using your commuting time to listen to these podcasts will aid your learning and development. Use your time wisely.” Marketing firm Five 7 Four, are strong believers in making the most of every minute of every day, and explain that podcasts are a tool they find effective for learning and development purposes.





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Master Your Next Acquisitions Conversation With Five 7 Four's Top Tips

Marketing experts Five 7 Four have shared their top tips for mastering a sales conversation and closing every deal.  

Indiana-based Five 7 Four, is an established sales and marketing firm who have built their success on their ability to communicate brand visions through engaging face to face marketing campaigns. The company is confident their ability to develop their contractors as effective communicators has facilitated their accelerated success in acquiring new clients and business growth.

Five 7 Four share their top tips on how to improve your sales conversations overnight:

  1. Establish a protocol – A clear agenda of what needs to be addressed and achieved throughout the call will offer direction and will allow the conversation to flow and keep on task. Ensure the other party knows if they need any prep for the meeting or call and ensure they receive all information they need in advance to be prepared. Ensure a plan is mapped out for when, how, where and why and ensure these are understood clearly by both parties. Set up meeting reminders to keep track on times.

  2. Establish yourself as an expert – Be an asset to the deal, offer insider expertise and examples of personal experiences where value has been added from personal knowledge. It is important to understand their position in the process, what are they looking to achieve, are there any demonstrations that can be used to offer visualisation of life post-sale? Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers as they will provide indicators to where solutions can enhance sales opportunities.

  3. Take charge – Lead all conversations, the other party will take comfort in personal confidence, and this will offer additional validation to any personal recommendations or facts given. Ensure follow up questions are asked to demonstrate listening and commitment to finding the best solution for their individual circumstances.

  4. Hold space – It is important to make each and every customer feel valued and important. Take time to listen to their situation and reference them individually when offering solutions from saleable solutions.

  5. Do not solve their problems – Sales calls are not there to solve problems, they are there to establish if there is a need for any products or services that are saleable. It is important to sell to people who match the criteria of the goods or services to establish a happy, long-lasting consumer base that will work as positive product references for the brand.

Five 7 Four offers a unique business development opportunity which allows their contractors to develop and upskill in critical business areas such as sales, marketing, and communication. The firm is confident this is important as it helps every individual to meet both their personal and professional goals and helps the business expand.



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