Five 7 Four

About Us

About Us and Our Company Values

We are an independent consulting firm that develops innovative marketing strategies and broader developmental strategies for our clients in various geographic locations. The company specializes in brand development, customer acquisition and market share management. Starting new partnerships in South Bend, Five 7 Four focuses on the South Bend and Michiana area. We aim to find opportunities for growth for our Fortune 500 clients, and secure the growth in emerging markets. 

Our company culture is centered around the idea of sustainable personal and professional growth.  Specifically for our applicants, we plan to grow rapidly through our new management program that targets developing individuals with the sharpest entrepreneurial mentality, work ethic and student mentality. These three pillars serve as the cornerstones needed to ensure long-term success within the go-go-go world of marketing and consulting. 


Plan Outside The Box

We are set on diminishing misconceptions associated with the sales and marketing industry. We develop uniquely exciting campaigns for our clients, all of which are products of our innovative team. 


Ever Changing and Evolving

Millennials have grown in an era of rapid growth in all industries and sectors, teaching them how to adapt quickly to a world and that is ever changing, especially in the way businesses interact with their targeted demographic. We are constantly developing and adjusting our campaigns to meet the needs of both the client and the customer. 


Ongoing Training and Support

Our company focuses on developing and training all who are brought on. The training and development is tailored to each individual, allowing one-on-one teaching/learning moments.